Week beginning the 1st May 2017

This week the children have been busy exploring colour and how colours can be changed using paint.  There was a visit from a real hen on Tuesday and Thursday.  We baked two cakes using eggs.  The children decided by voting which cake we should make, chocolate was the most popular 19-10. Some of the  children who voted for carrot cake were very disappointed so we made both.


Week beginning the 17th April 2017

This week the children have been busy settling back into the routines of the class after the long break.  They have enjoyed listening to non-fiction books about farm animals and their babies.  Some children have visited the school pond and investigated the creatures that live there.  We will continue this activity next week until all children have been.


Week beginning the 13th of March

This week the children have been busy making and writing Mother’s Day cards and presents.  They have enjoyed listening to The Enormous Turnip story and acting it out.  They have made a turnip tart.  The children have also noticed that Spring has arrived in the nursery garden with lots of new buds and leaves on the trees and flowers in the garden.


Week beginning the 27th of February

This week the children have been busy tasting pancakes with sugar and porridge with honey.  They have listened to many traditional tales. On Thursday, ‘World Book Day’, everyone came to school dressed as a book character.  The teachers were characters from ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ and acted out the story for the children to watch.


Week beginning the 23rd of January

This week the children have been learning the names and properties of 2d shapes.  The children were keen to investigate numbers and order them 1-5 and 1-10.  They enjoyed making and eating angel delight ice lollies.  The children listened carefully to a visitor from year 3 who came to talk about penguins.



Week beginning the 16th of January

This week the children have been learning information facts about penguins.  They have each made an individual penguin for a classroom display.  We created a life-sized emperor penguin and then measured our height against it.

We also made ice pictures by placing natural materials from the garden into containers, filling them with water and leaving them overnight to freeze.  We then hung them from the nursery tree.


More photographs to follow due to camera download problems.


Week beginning the 31st of October

This week the children have planted bulbs which will flower in the spring.

They have created pictures of fireworks by using a marble rolling technique, and then glue drizzling and glitter spreading.  The children seemed to really enjoy this activity.

Some children have taken part in an autumn walk which will continue this week until all the children have had a turn.

All children have taken part in exercises to strengthen their core muscles, arms and hand muscles to help with their writing and drawing.


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