Harvesting our carrots and the Teddy Bear Picnic

We wrote invitations to our teddies inviting them to a picnic on the school field.  We harvested the carrots we grew from seed and ate them at our teddy bear picnic.  We thought they were sweet and juicy.  We started our picnic with some teddy bear races then we sung the song ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around’.  After we ate our carrots and a fairy cake and listened to a teddy bear story.


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Our Dinosaur Week

We created a foot the size of an actual T-Rex foot and  it was much longer and wider than our feet.  We thought of questions we would like to know answers to such as how tall was a T-Rex.  We investigated and found out who was the tallest child in nursery class.  Some children created Lego dinosaurs, drew dinosaur pictures and created dinosaur worlds.


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