Getting messy

Welcome back after the Easter break.  We hope you all had a lovely restful holiday and got up to lots of exciting things!  If there is anything that you did that you would like to share in your Learning Journal then we would love to hear about it!  Just send us an e-mail or jot it down on a piece of paper and a photo with it would be lovely.  If you need either of our e-mail addresses then please come and ask.

This week the children have been getting messy and here are some photos of them exploring the texture of cornflour on Monday .

IMAG0003 IMAG0004 IMAG0006 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0012 IMAG0013 IMAG0016 IMAG0019 IMAG0047 IMAG0048

Tomorrow the children will have the chance to explore the foam.

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