The aliens have landed…..

Today the children have been busy making their own yellow, green, blue and red space helmets.  We noticed that when we put them on, everyone looked like they were a different colour and some of us thought we had aliens in our classroom!

IMAG0041 IMAG0043 IMAG0045 IMAG0046 IMAG0049 IMAG0050 IMAG0051 IMAG0052 IMAG0054 IMAG0055

This week the children have also been making their own ‘5 little men in a flying saucer’ so that they can sing the song and practice their counting.  We have talked about how even when an alien flies away, there is still 5 when we count them altogether.

IMAG0037 IMAG0056

We have also loved reading the story ‘On the Moon’ today and talking about all the things you find in space such as stars, planets, rockets, astronauts and aliens.  Next week we will make some of these and add them to a giant space picture in our big room. What will you help us to make?

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